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Encouraging women to take one step closer to their dreams

    1. Always smile
    2. Acquire knowledge and continue to grow
    3. Agree to disagreements, you don’t always have to win
    4. Dress up, show up and look fabulous
    5. Detach from negative energy
    6. Inspire someone today
    7. Follow your dreams
    8. Seek quality and beauty in details
    9. Be spontaneous in life
    10. Try people to smile each day
    11. Don’t compare your life with others
    12. Forgive and let go
    13. Persist
    14. Surround yourself with positive people
    15. Help people
    16. Be yourself

    Be happy with these 15 useful life tips

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  • I was tired and hungry when I finished my 8 hr shift at the office. The work was piling up and there was no time for lunch. The last of my energy reserves seeped away when I opened the building door to walk down to the train station. The sun was still bearing down, reminding me of the hot summer days. Everyone was walking at a fast pace, oblivious to the internal struggles raging within me. Sweat dripped down my cheeks as I trudged towards the station. My shoulders slumped knowing that I have to battle the subway rush hour crowd for a spot on the train. The day was almost over, but the journey back home would be a long one.

    Tacos saved my Life








    Suddenly, my nose picked up a strong aroma of mixed beef and beans, a nostalgic smell that brought me to a stand serving fresh homemade tacos. The shop owner noticed me and pointed at the aroma’s origins. I nodded and he handed me a soft shell beef taco with beans, tomatoes, and avocados. My agony was over, and I ate my savior.

    Tacos saved my life







    If tacos have saved you and your famished stomach from a harsh, forgettable day, then give tacos some credit!

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    For the strong, powerful, and courageous women who shop Amorium, you are the future. No one can tell you who you want to be. You know who you are and what your heart desires. With every individual step you take, other females will realize that they can be everything and anything. After all, it was females who inspire other females to be CEOs, best-selling authors, scientists, and presidents. There is no stopping you, when you learn that you can change the world by being yourself. There is no one like you.

    Below, we share a poem that stirred our hearts. The poem, “The Type” by Sarah Kay, inspires women to find their place in life within.

    "If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at,
    You can let them look at you.
    But do not mistake eyes for hands or windows or mirrors.
    Let them see what a woman looks like.
    They may have not ever seen one before.

    If you grow up the type of woman men want to touch,
    You can let them touch you.
    Sometimes, it is not you they are reaching for.
    Sometimes it is a bottle, a door, a sandwich, a Pulitzer — another woman.
    But their hands found you first.
    Do not mistake yourself for a guardian or a muse or a promise or a victim or a snack.
    You are a woman — skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat.
    You are not made out of metaphors, not apologies, not excuses.

    If you grow up the type of woman men want to hold,
    You can let them hold you.
    All day they practice keeping their bodies upright.
    Even after all this evolving it still feels unnatural.
    Still strains the muscles, hold firms the arms and spine.
    Only some men will want to learn what it feels like to curl themselves into a question mark around you,
    Admit they do not have the answers they thought they would by now.
    Some men will want to hold you like the answer.
    You are not the answer.
    You are not the problem.
    You are not the poem or the punch-line or the riddle or the joke.

    Woman, if you grow up the type men want to love,
    You can let them love you.
    Being loved is not the same thing as loving.
    When you fall in love, it is discovering the ocean after years of puddle jumping.
    It is realizing you have hands.
    It is reaching for the tightrope when the crowds have all gone home.

    Do not spend time wondering if you are the type of women men will hurt.
    If he leaves you with a car alarm heart, you learn to sing along.
    It is hard to stop loving the ocean even after it has left you gasping — "salty."
    So forgive yourself for the decisions you've made.
    The ones you still call mistakes when you tuck them in at night and know this:
    Know you are the type of woman who is searching for a place to call yours.
    Let the statues crumble.
    You have always been the place.
    You are a woman who can build it yourself.
    You are born to build."

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