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Natural Beauty

What's beautiful to women? Beauty can be found in dance, smiles, human laughter, and generosity. Discover the various forms of beauty here!

  • While scrolling through Amorium’s online store, you realize there are hundreds of jewelry in all kinds of colors, shapes, and styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming.

    If you get the urge to try them all, we understand. The beautiful chakra necklaces are irresistible and the stacking rings belong on your fingers. It is hard to decide what to buy with so many eye-catching pieces.

    Let us tell you our hidden gem picks, so you can get your hands on them before anyone else does. Now travel through Amorium’s jewelry categories to find some of these gems.

    In the necklace section, there are the fascinating geometric necklaces, the cool Sagittarius necklaces, and the elegant Lyra pearl necklaces. These necklaces are different, attractive, and matches great with everyday outfits.

    3-D Geometric NecklaceSagittarius Necklace in silverElegant pearl necklace in gold






    The ring section houses the statement diana rings, and the luxury four and six line rings. The rings define Amorium: sleek, delicate pieces that slide in comfortably. If you have been a long-time shopper, you will notice that our models love to stack these rings. Define your bold charm by modeling the stacking rings on your fingers!

    Diana Ring

    Four Black Line Ring in SilverStatement Six Line Gold Ring






    Shopping necklaces and rings is fun, but the earrings is the section that hides a lot of our best designed statement pieces. Our customers are always unearthing gems from the earring section. Every week, a new earring gains popularity. Check out our picks for this week. The spike and line earrings are obvious choices for the canny shopper.

    Sterling silver spike earringsTriangle and Line Necklace in Rose Gold

    Rose Gold mini hoop earring






    If you are lucky to have summer year round, here is what we recommend for your feet and ankles. Within the anklet and bracelet category, the bird anklet and the mimosa anklet foot chain will give you a reason to walk around barefooted all the time.

    Bird Anklet in Silver

    Rose Gold Mimosa Foot Chain






    We hope you enjoy our hidden gem choices. Tell us which one of Amorium hidden gems is your favorite!

  • All our jewelry are delicate, unique, chic, and noticeable. Once in awhile, we like to release a piece that sparks immediate curiosity. An example is our palm cuff that goes around all your fingers to give you a remarkable look. If you were in a room with a hundred people and didn’t know anyone, you would find interest in someone with a not so subtle piece. It is easier to start a conversation and hold one, because our not so subtle pieces like our palm cuffs attract easygoing trendsetters and Bohemian shoppers (mainly people who like to go beyond trends).

    Cool jewelry - Silver Palm Cuffs

    Everyone needs a stand-out piece. When you are feeling daring and want to try something new, you can put on a palm cuff from Amorium. You can also explore your interests further by using the search bar on or scroll through our category pages to look for more eye-catching designs. Enjoy!

    Gold palm cuff for women

    Rose gold palm cuff for women

    Rose gold palm cuffs for women

  • It is fall and we released our Blossom Collection which includes cherry blossom and delicate ivy designs to prepare you for the colder seasons. Floral designs are the latest trend to hit and they are going on strong into the fall. Like the trend, our jewelry preserves flowers and nature with a timeless display of livelihood. Watch nature unfold right before your eyes as you browse our lovely selection of delicate ivy and cherry blossom jewelry.

    Stay warm and find your inspirations this season. The delicate ivy is always uplifting and finding its way to the top.

    Ivy blossom ear cuffs in rose gold Delicate Ivy Ear Studs in Rose Gold Delicate Ivy Ring in Rose Gold






    Imagine the cherry blossoms blossoming, spreading its beauty around. You can spread your charm with our dainty cherry blossom jewelry.

    Cherry Blossom Ear Cuff Cherry Blossom Bracelet

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