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Natural Beauty

What's beautiful to women? Beauty can be found in dance, smiles, human laughter, and generosity. Discover the various forms of beauty here!

  • Aware about our obsession with braids? This time we are bringing on board our favorite and subtle hairdo! Braids are always the perfect finishing to control freeze and crazy hair. This windy days of fall are terrible for our hair aren't they? Let's keep it casual and cool! Not to forget to mention how fun and easy they are to make!

    Take a closer look and try it yourself!


    • 1. Pull the majority of your hair forward from the back of your hair line
    • 2. Start on one side of the base of your neck and separate three different strings of hair
    • 3. Braid these three strings of hair together
    • 4. As the braid of your hair starts meeting along with the crown of you head, start by adding little by little more hair to each string as you braid around
    • 5. Once you braided around the front of your head, finish the braid on the other side of your head and secure with a rubber band
    • 6. Pin the braid in place, pinning all loose pieces of hair
    • 7. Your braided crown is done!


    Isn't cute? We just LOVE it!

  • Hello followers,

    We are totally obsessed with this bow manicure from TBD! It is so cute and so easy to make! Try it out one of these rainy days of fall when you have nothing to do, you will have so much fun and you will feel absolutely grateful afterwards. Here are the steps to how these are done! Don’t forget to look at the pictures for a better reference!

    Tools needed:

    • mint nail polish
    • white nail polish
    • black nail polish
    • thin paint brush
    • top nail coat



    1. Paint 2 coats of mint nail polish as a base for each nail and let it dry
    2. Make a double scallop shape on the tip of the nail with white polish and let it dry
    3. Take a little thin paint brush and dip into the black nail polish following the shape of your scallop and ending with a loop as seen on picture #3
    4. After that, take the little thin paintbrush again and follow the other scallop crossing over the first black line and let it dry
    5. Take a dab of white polish and make a dot in the middle of your bow. This can be any other color or even a rhinestone to give a little emphasis
    6. Let it dry afterwards
    7. Once it dried, do not forget to put your topcoat!
    8. Your wonderful bow mani is done!

    Isn’t it easy? Try it out!

  • 17 September

    Summer season is still not over for some of you, so why not refresh your life with some of the most captivating fragrances and fresh new scents? Chic, casual, sophisticated, sensual, playful, seductive,romantic, addictive scents that will make you unique this season and will surely make an impression!

    Try out our new favorite fragrances for this season!


    1. Lanvin me!-Lanvin


    2. Florabotanica-Balenciaga


    3. See by chloe-Chloe


    4. Desire-Dolce and Gabanna


    5. Eau Legere-Bottega Veneta


    6. Valentina Assoluto-Valentino


    7. La vie est belle-Lancôme


    8. Premieres Roses-YSL


    9. Flowerbomb la vie en Rose-Viktor & Rolf


    10. Candy-Prada

    Try them out! Reveal you summer with one of these great smells!

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