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Different ideas for the different seasons. We include Holiday ideas here too!

  • Be exciting this year! Try statement jewelry instead of the usual spooky earrings or necklaces.

    Here are some statement ideas you can try:

    The Dangle Pirate

    You are a pirate. You need treasures to show off your success and we have gold jewelry for you to showcase. Try the gold dangle hoop earrings, female is the future cuff, and curved bar necklace to look like a pirate who just plundered the seven seas. You will not find Jack Sparrow without his stash of jewelry.

    gold hoop earringsfemale gold braceletsgold necklace for women







    The Spiritual Women

    Many women love spiritual activities like yoga and meditation. We bet that most have not seen a real spiritual women. You can be the woman on the spiritual path. When you are a spiritual woman you wear relaxing clothes and no-make up. You will bring calming energy to Halloween events. Complete your spiritual woman with the crown chakra bracelet, Om necklace, and evil eye ring set.

    crown chakra bracelet rose gold om necklace rose gold evil eye ring







    The Not-So-Bad-Looking Witch

    You don’t need a crooked nose and warts all over your face to be the perfect witch. A real witch has daring jewelry to heighten her wicked charm. You can match your witch hat and frizzy hair with the spike ear cuff, charm necklace, and black tube necklace. Get ready to chant your spells in style.

    Sterling silver spike earringscharm necklace for womensilver necklace for women







    The Lovely Belly Dancer

    Be free and festive with the belly dancer outfit. You don’t have to wear much, which means you can enjoy a range of body movements and comfort. Free body movements means dancing. You can dance the night away with the sacral chakra bracelet, mimosa body chain, and mimosa foot chain. The belly dancer outfit makes a fantastic indoor costume. While your friends are sweating in their overdone outfits, you can charm everyone with your belly dancing.

    rose gold chakra bracelet rose gold foot chain rose gold body chain







    We hope you liked our Halloween ideas. Share your comments and let us know what your Halloween plans are!



  • Some fashion comes and goes never to be seen again. But the choker trend that captivated the 90s is back and in full effect! Chokers have resurfaced and are embellishing necks everywhere.

    chokerblackcloseIt’s the perfect season to introduce our brand new choker necklaces that can also be worn as wrap bracelets. They are perfect for layering up on those chilly fall strolls through the city.


    Here at Amorium, we love layering up jewelry. Chokers are the perfect addition to your daily jewelry layering look. We took it one step further and made our chokers convertible so you can also add them to your favorite arm party as a wrap bracelet.chokerblacksmall

    The luxurious braided silk and chain gives our chokers the perfect hard and soft balance. This makes them perfect for any occasion coming up this holiday season, whether it’s cozying by the fire on Thanksgiving or partying the night away on NYE. They are dainty enough to layer together or pair them with your other favorite Amorium pieces.

    chokercloseupAlso, don’t be scared to mix the metals! The new chokers come in silver, gold and rose-gold, with either white or black cord. The center metal bar is embellished with white or black crystals for the perfect amount of feminine sparkle!

    Click on any image to view the pieces in our online shop!

  • During summer, all we seem to be doing is finding the perfect flowery dress for outdoor dates, concerts or music festivals. Or we're looking for the perfect wedding dresses because all our friends are getting married.

    However, to look amazing and have his eyes only drawn to you all you need is an amazing ear cuff or a pair that will dress up your ear. An ear cuff instantly adds a bit of glam and sophistication.

    So don't stress out over finding the perfect bridesmaid dress. Winning summer style is as simple as accessorising your ears.

    Check out our 10 most popular ear cuffs:

    Branch Ear Cuff Branch Ear Cuff ($75)
    Mini Bezel Ear Cuff Mini Bezel Ear Cuff ($25)
    Branch Ear Cuff Set Branch Ear Cuff Set ($85)
    Feather Ear Cuff Feather Ear Cuff ($75)
    Diamond Bezel Ear Cuff Diamond Bezel Ear Cuff ($40)
    Feather Ear Cuff & Diamond Cuff Set Feather Ear Cuff & Diamond Cuff Set ($99)
    Line Ear Cuff Line Ear Cuff ($70)
    Min Bezel Ear Cuff Min Bezel Ear Cuff ($25)
    Line Ear Cuff & Mini Bezel Ear Cuff Set Line Ear Cuff & Mini Bezel Ear Cuff Set ($90)

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