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We can feel our spirit, but we can not explain it. The magical sound of "Om" and our chakras all bring closer to ourselves and the world. Enlighten women about their spiritual selves.

  • 06 September

    There is nothing more important than living a healthy and balanced life. A life where you can be free, happy, and live in the moment. You can maintain and improve the balance of your life by learning about the different chakra points and their present energy in your body.


    7 Chakras


    Chakras are the energy vortexes that make up our emotions, sexuality and senses. These chakra points harness our emotional and spiritual energies. In order to live a balanced life, the life energy through our chakras needs to be used correctly. To learn more about balancing your chakras, continue reading the details on the seven different chakras.

    At Amorium, we love the meaning behind chakras and that is why we created a wonderful collection of spiritual jewelry for you. We believe that chakras are beautiful fashion pieces with meaning. They serve as reminders for you to balance your chakras and to introduce mindfulness into your lives.

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    Read on to find out more about chakras & the keys to a healthy life.

    Seven Chakras

    There are seven chakras that make up the energy centers within our bodies. The points start from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra has its meaning and location.

    The first chakra is the Root Chakra

    Location: Base of the spine, near the tailbone.

     This is the chakra that reminds us of our survival needs. We need food, housing, financial stability, and safety. If we are missing one of those we begin to feel anxiety and worry about our well-being. To balance it, we can fulfill the need or take some time to figure the problem out. A balanced root chakra leaves you feeling peaceful and content.

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     The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra

    Location: Right below the belly button

     This is the reason why we are so explorative. The Sacral Chakra encourages explorations, creativity, and pleasure seeking. It is good to balance this or you will either work your life away or become bedridden from eating too much of your favorite foods. Do things with moderation, and you will enjoy the pleasures in life more.

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     The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra

    Location: Where the two sets of ribs connect below the chest

     Decisiveness is the key to success. Having a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra means that you are not controlling and pushing your thoughts onto people. You are confident in your abilities and believe in success.

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     The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra

    Location: Center of the chest

     The reason why we love and burst with energy when we see someone we love. This is the chakra for love. To keep this balanced, love yourself and everyone around you equally.

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    Heart Chakra Necklace
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    chakra bracelet
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     The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra

    Location: Between the collar bones

     Also called the communication chakra. This chakra is balanced when you are fully communicating your emotions and truths. If you communicate wholeheartedly and openly to everyone, they will do the same to you. This chakra becomes off-balance when you are communicating just to be heard or if you don’t tell the truth. The reason why sometimes you feel as if something is caught in your throat when you lie. To keep this balanced, be honest and communicate your thoughts with your loved ones.

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    Silver Throat Chakra Bracelet
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     The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra

    Location: Between the eyebrows

     You see the bigger picture with the third eye. For real. Instead of focusing all our energies on small details, you will open your mind to new insights and ideas when your third eye is balanced. It affects the ability we think and how we view the world.

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    Third eye bracelet
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     The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra

    Location: Top of the head

     It is the point where we can connect ourselves with spiritual energy. When yogis and meditators practice, they lift their spine all the way up until they are at their highest sitting position. Then breathe from the root up to the crown chakra to feel every inch of their body and the energies within.

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    Silver Crown Chakra Bracelet
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    Be aware of your chakras throughout the day and take notice when you feel off. If one of your chakras is unbalanced and you need some time to regain balance. Take a walk, do some yoga or meditate. As long as you know where the problem lies, you can regain balance and move toward health and happiness. Don’t forget to wear your chakra jewelry. Stay balanced, look beautiful.


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    Image courtesy of sjanaelise

    Meditation and Yoga The topic of yoga and meditation are extremely complex. So let's keep it simple. We all live extremely busy lives, it can get difficult to keep that healthy balanced life going. However we continuously have the ability to practice yoga and meditation throughout our day. According to yogi Nina Erndst, " doesn’t always require a mat and leggings. When you start peeling away the layers you may realize it’s all “yoga.”  In a recent blog post, Nina states that meditation can be practiced easily. Whether it's a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood, or simply practicing deep breaths during your morning commute are great ways to calm your nerves. Daily meditation at home is also proven to be nourishing. Nina states, "Next time you clean up after a meal, try placing attention on your breath patterns and repeating internally: inhale peace, exhale doubt."








    Chakras are believed to be energy centers within the human body. Many texts and teachings how shown various numbers in chakras. However there are seven consistent ones that deem to be the most important. They are positioned throughout your body starting from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Each has its own vibrational frequency which is depicted through colors and specific purposes to help keep you balanced. The health of your chakras contributes to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When energy is not flowing through them illness can result. When chakras are unbalanced things in your life can feel off. So how do you keep your chakras balanced? It is believed that carrying the chakras close to you can help to lead more of a balanced life. As stated above each chakra emits a different color. Carrying gemstones of the same color of chakra you are trying to balance can send positive vibes and frequencies.  Here are the 7 most important chakras and their colors:

    Keeping your chakras open and balanced will help to start seeing positive results in your life!

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  • The Tree of Life has deep religious and cultural roots. They appear in different religions and inspire arts. Take a look at the contemporary Trees of Life that are central figures in mankind's struggle to achieve rootedness and transcendence.

    The Giving Tree by Shelby Silverstein.

    The tree in the story shows the kind of unconditional love that only a Tree of Life can offer. The young boy uses bits and parts of the tree to achieve some of his goals. The tree willingly gives up parts of itself to help the boy to things that he couldn't otherwise do. That's the Tree of Life helping the boy transcend. Eventually, when the boy becomes an old man he finds himself needing "just a quiet place to sit and rest." The Giving Tree gives him just that. maxresdefault

    Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas.

    Pocahontas' wisest sidekick, Grandmother Willow is a weeping willow that advises Pocahontas. She is ancient and wise and serves as a spiritual adviser. She encourages John to talk to the settlers. She encourages Pocahontas to go save John Smith. And in the end of the movie, it's implied that her bark was used to help cure some of John's pain. It's also implied in the movie that she served as an adviser to Pocahontas' mother as well. 


    The Tree of Life in Avatar.

    Is there a more literal way to represent the Tree of Life. The Tree of Souls is directly connected to the transcendental being, Eywa,  and is also the channel through which she connects to all life on the planet. The Tree of Soul represents the Na'vi's connection to the heavens and the planet. The Tree of Souls is the closest interpretation of a Tree of Life that we've found.Tree_of_Souls

    The Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda.

    In the famous video game, the opening scene is of The Great Deku tree explaining his role in the universe. He is the guardian of a stone that can help open the door to a sacred realm. He finds Link. Helps him get what he needs to get set on his mission. Then it dies. 2_Leaving11_LargeThe Tree House from the Peter Pan series Hook.

    Peter pan leaves Neverland and grows up somewhere in the US to fall in love and raise a family. He forgets his past, his youth and that cause him to lose his magic. When his children are kidnapped by Hook he returns to Neverland to find them but is unable to do so without the mysterious power of youth. Only when he goes back to his old tree house, under the roots is he able to find himself regaining his power. This illustrates a sense of rootedness that the Tree of Life symbol represents.



    There are countless other references to the Tree of Life in cultures, mythology, religion, and literature.  And they mean different things to different people.

    Whatever is it you want to show, you can always find a Tree of Life Necklace that shows your affinity to the tree.

    Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Green Stones Sterling Silver Tree of Life Necklace with Green Stones
    Rose Gold Tree of Life Necklace Rose Gold Tree of Life Necklace
    Tree of Life Necklace with Green Crystals Tree of Life Necklace with Green Crystals
    Black Tree of Life Necklace Black Tree of Life Necklace

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