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Jewelry Care

amorium jewelry Care Shoot

At Amorium we pride ourselves on the quality of our products but like any jewelry, it must be taken care of. This, here, is the key to keeping your Amorium jewelry looking good for as long possible. Follow the tips below and it will have your jewelry looking as good as you do.

  • The Golden Rule: last on, first off! 
  • Wear Amorium Jewelry with love! Avoid any physical force at all costs as well as making sure you do not drop your jewelry. 
  • Store your jewelry separately from other pieces of jewelry simply to avoid scrapes and scratches. Store in original box or a jewelry pouch.
  • When it comes to cleaning your jewelry it’s simple: chemicals NO, soft cloth YES. (Leave the alcohol for Girls’ Night or Wine Wednesday)
  • Full finger rings are especially delicate to excessive movement. Do not clench fist, in other words no fist fights.
  • Now we understand you want to look good whether your at the beach or at the gym but you must remember to remove your jewelry before swimming, working out, bathing, etc. 

If you have any questions regarding your jewelry and would like some insider’s help feel free to contact us at We’ll help you out.